Hello. My name is Paola.This is my multi-fandom blog and most are anime so you'll be seeing alot of that. ALSO I DRAW so go check it out MAYBE????thanks for visitin
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Me fuckin owning breenee

 Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus: Opening
  • new people getting into kuroshitsuji who haven't read the circus arc in the manga: oh a circus! :) this looks like it's going to be an anime with such a good season finale!
  • people who've read the circus arc:

an over-glamorized Howl because i couldn’t stop myself 



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*vomits blood and passes out*

Anonymous asked: Why are you so good at drawing? What is/are your motivation(s)? Share your knowledge wise one... I am but a child in your presence.

*O* well umm it just comes to me naturally. I’ve been familiar with drawing all my life since the day i discovered a pencil and walls. IDK what to say really~ i’d say I’m pretty good at it but I’m never 100% satisfied with my art. I look at other artists’ work and pick up inspiration from their work. most of my art, as you can see, is just fan art for now. I still don’t have a solid idea of what i wanna stick to for original work. Im super happy just drawing fan art for a community of nerds like myself. its really fun and it feels great when people recognize your talent and you connect with others and learn from others. also, i really love to exaggerate the body and make it really dynamic sometimes. screw realism(don’t screw realism). its necessary to learn for most but at some point i got really bored of it and just started playing around. Just study a lot and get familiar with things and in no time, you’ll be able to manipulate things how ever you want and develop a style of your own. Analyze your drawing and have a goal for your self. Be able to revise your art to find what you can do better color wise, composition wise, etc.  WAS THIS TOO LONG??? anyways there you go AND THANK YOU SO MUCH, WHOEVER YOU ARE! I’D LIKE TO SEE YOUR ART!!!!


 by からば子@お仕事募集中
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im tired and I make stupid unfunny shit