Hello. My name is Paola.This is my multi-fandom blog and most are anime so you'll be seeing alot of that. ALSO I DRAW so go check it out MAYBE????thanks for visitin
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 Lack individuality 2



Anonymous asked: Do you have Ocs?

yea but they’re SUPER old. i might bring them back to show


Howl and Sophie, Before and After - Howl’s Moving Castle

weaboowonderland asked: oh oh oh can you draw a pretty shota len? If it's not too much trouble (also, that other Len was beautiful TTwTT ♥)

WOWimage two len requests today. 


Precious boy

Anonymous asked: Could you draw quickie Len Kagamine?

imageHe’s all yours :))



((The original art can be found here - 黒執事詰め【ほぼグレル】 by 団栗 - Please go show the artist some love! - Do not remove the artist-source information!))


Here’s the second spread from the pokemon zine I made for Light Grey Art Lab!

The show opened this past Friday, so if you’re in the Minneapolis area, you should definitely go check it out.

You can find more information about the show here. If you’d like to purchase a zine, click here!


ロンパのらくがき【※ネタバレあり】 by suimin
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


the wolf escapes red riding hood.